Custom Memorials


At Enduring Memorials in Mackay we can custom-design and create memorials to provide a unique way to reflect the personality and style of your loved one.

Simply let us know your thoughts about how you would like to celebrate the life and memory of your loved one and together we will come up with the perfect memorial for you and your family members to cherish.

In selecting a monument as a tribute for a person’s life we like our customers to know that they can make this decision slowly, there is no need to rush. It is better to take some time to carefully make your memorial choice, rather than making a hasty decision that may be regretted later.

Spend some time looking at the surrounding area of the memorial site and choosing a design, shape, colour and inscription to perfectly reflect the uniqueness of the person you wish to remember. If you would like to add a personal touch to help portray the life of your loved one, we can also add carved statues, photos and more.

We also create or refurbish monuments for local councils, government bodies, schools, parks, hospitals, libraries and more to commemorate historic events, anniversaries or other notable occasions, as well as lookouts or sites of interest.

We can also offer a full colour Permanite plaque (a hybrid electrical porcelain commonly used for high tension insulators.) This product performs well in all weather conditions and is three times stronger than granite. This is an excellent technological advancement in long lasting photographic quality memorials.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality memorials whilst making the process as easy as possible. We help customers throughout Central Queensland including Mackay, Mirani and Sarina.