Headstone and memorial accessories allow you to uniquely enhance the look of your departed loved one’s grave or memorial while adding a personal touch.

Vases provide an attractive way to display flowers and come in a range of materials such as concrete, marble and granite in many sizes and shapes. Choose from square, rectangular, cylindrical or tapered, with or without an inscription or engraved motifs.

You can also choose from carved statues of angels, religious figures or ceramic flowers as well as bronze crosses and crucifixes to adorn the memorial. Statues, crosses and vases can either be free standing or incorporated into the headstone or grave.

A lovely way for people to remember loved ones is with a favourite picture fixed to the memorial or grave. We can create beautiful colour photos on porcelain, which are then baked to ensure the longevity of the picture. Choose from oval, square, rectangle or heart shaped porcelain in sizes from 4x6cm up to 18x24cm.

We can incorporate framed photographs, bronze plaques and special coloured artwork onto headstones and lawn plaques.

Please view the images on our website for inspiration or visit our office to browse our portfolio of custom designs and accessories. We help customers throughout Central Queensland including Mackay, Mirani and Sarina.

Accessories Examples