At Enduring Memorials in Mackay, you can choose from a wide range of headstones and memorials, from simple flat lawn plaques and beam headstones to full granite graves. Our services include the machining of stone, concrete and tiles to build commemorative and personal monuments for cemeteries, garden memorials and remembrance walls. We also specialise in refurbishments, repairs and restoration work of existing monuments. We help customers throughout Central Queensland including Mackay, Mirani and Sarina.

Memorials & Monuments

We supply and install memorials and monuments for cemeteries, gardens, churches, schools and parks such as water fountains, statues, sculptures and plaques. As stonemasons we machine, cut, polish, shape and inscribe a range of stone materials such as granite, marble, sandstone, concrete bricks, pavers, and tiles to construct personal and public commemorative pieces including headstones, grave surrounds, monuments, columbarium wall plaques, vaults and more. Choose from a wide range of pre-made designs or talk to us about custom-designed memorial pieces. We are fully conversant with the rules and regulations on all cemeteries in the Mackay area and can advise on the type and size of monuments permissible at:

  • Mackay Cemetery
  • Marian Cemetery
  • Mirani Cemetery
  • Mt Bassett Cemetery
  • Sarina Cemetery
  • Walkerston Cemetery

Restoration of Monuments

Memorials, headstones and monuments are subjected to the elements and unfortunately thoughtless vandalism can also occur. If, over time, you notice that headstone inscriptions and ceramic photos fade, stonework has cracked or other damage has occurred to a headstone, grave surrounds or a public monument, please contact Enduring Memorials in Mackay to restore the monument back to its former glory. We can expertly clean all types of stone materials using the correct methods and cleaning substances, as well as revive faded lettering, add new lettering or inscriptions, replace accessories (such as porcelain photos) and more.

Lead Lettering

At Enduring Memorials we are proud to be able to offer the service of lead lettering to give monuments and memorials a unique historical look. A skill of bygone eras, lead lettering is an expert skill that takes time and the greatest of care. It can be difficult to find people who offer this service, as there are a diminishing number of people who practise this traditional skill. If you are looking for an exclusive, heritage-style finish to your monument, then please contact us.

Glass Frosting

At Enduring Memorials we provide frosted glass (known as glass etching or sandblasted glass) services to the people and businesses of Mackay and surrounding areas. We can recreate decorative glass panels to replace broken panels or match existing glass panels. We guarantee our quality workmanship, and can provide etching of all types of glass including stained glass. Recently we completed etching of the stained glass windows at Francis of Assisi Home.

Pet Memorials

Many people wish to honour their pet with a memorial piece, which can be displayed in their own garden. Our stonemasons can machine shape a monument for you in a choice of materials such as granite, bronze, sandstone and marble to give you a physical reminder of the unconditional love and companionship your beloved pet showed you.

As with our headstone memorials, your pet memorial can include accessories such as photos and plaques or they can even include a spot for your pet’s favourite toy. We can also create plaques for river or bush rocks, trees or lawns to remember your pet by. If you wish, your pet memorial can be fully portable so that you can take it with you if you move home.