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Monumentals & Graves

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We offer a wide range of monumentals and graves, from beam headstones for the Mt Bassett Cemetery, to a full granite monument, or even a vault at Walkerston Cemetery.

All headstones are engraved with your choice of plain blast, painted or gold lettering, and you may also choose from a range of accessories such as ceramic photos, engraved pictures and vases for a truly personal touch.

Our expert stonemasonry ensures that you get professional results, perfectly befitting a memorial for your loved one. We can create beam, desk and serpentine top headstones and a variety of other styles such as crosses, angels, hearts or other custom shape you desire.

Subject to cemetery and council requirements and adhering to Australian Standards, we can machine headstones of any size in your choice of material, or combinations of materials such as bronze, granite, marble, concrete and sandstone.

We help customers throughout Central Queensland including Mackay, Mirani and Sarina. We’re fully aware of the varied rules and regulations across the Mackay district and can advise on what style, size and type of memorial is allowed in the following cemeteries:

  • Mackay Cemetery
  • Marian Cemetery
  • Mirani Cemetery
  • Mt Bassett Cemetery
  • Sarina Cemetery
  • Walkerston Cemetery

At Enduring Memorials, our stonemasons can create stunning single or double grave surrounds from concrete, granite or sandstone, incorporating your choice of headstone shape and size (subject to cemetery regulations).

Grave surrounds provide a raised edging around the grave to keep the grave area clean and easy to maintain. The internal area of the surround may be decorated with plain or painted concrete, or covered with coloured pebbles, pots, statues or vases.

Grave surrounds can be added either at the same time as the headstone or at a later date. We can match grave surrounds materials to existing headstones or incorporate a different material in a complimentary manner for an attractive result.

We can offer a full grave ledger, where a large sheet of highly-polished presentation granite is placed atop a single or double grave surrounds. Ledgers can be left blank or include a full inscription.

Monumentals & Graves Examples
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Enduring Memorials provide a high standard of memorials and monuments for the people of Mackay and surrounding communities. Our service includes the machining of stone, concrete and tiles, headstone refurbishments, garden and pet memorials and glass frosting.

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